Marijuana Trends

Marijuana is a drug that has continued to see usage rates rise. In studies that were done in 2005, the results showed that when students in the 1990s were using the drug in 8th and 10th grade, this use leveled off towards the early 2000s. In 2005, studies showed that 7 percent of 8th graders and 15 percent of 10th graders had reported using the drug at least once in the past month. It was also shown that the percentage of students in grade 12 who had used marijuana had risen to 20 percent.

However, marijuana has become a problem among the younger people today. It is something that is very commonly found in high schools and in even younger populations of users. This leads some to believe that it is indeed a gateway drug, and it is something that is becoming very dangerous for life today.

Because of this, there have been many different drug rehab and eduction programs that have been established with the hopes of educating the public on the dangers of marijuana and the new trends of use among people today. It is the hope that through this education, marijuana use among young people will decrease, and there will be less of a chance of young people developing addictions.

Perhaps the most scary statistics show that use among the students in grade 12 has been fluctuating over the years. The drug was reported as being used by 34 percent of seniors in 1980, but that number went down to 12 percent in 1992. However, then the numbers doubled, and was at 24 percent in 1997, and back to 20 percent in 2005. These trends show that marijuana is often going through phases in which it is popular and then decreases in popularity.

Along with students who were ready to enter college, the trends of marijuana use in 10th graders also increased in the 1990s. Among 8th graders, the pattern seemed to be the same. Most of these statistics show that marijuana is not decreasing in popularity and use of marijuana does not seem to be influenced by higher levels of education.

The main chemical in marijuana is THC. Your brain will produce protein receptors that bind to the THC and this will kick off a lot of chain reactions, which lead to the marijuana high. Because this chemical comes from an organically grown plant, it is something that has been hard to regulate. Marijuana is not created or manmade, it is something that grows in nature. Because of this, it is something that has been used often by many different groups of people, and it is very hard for officials to regulate its use.

There is a regulation of marijuana by the FDA. However, in recent years, many states have begun to explore the possibilities of using marijuana as a medical alternative. It is used many times in cases of severe pain, and currently, several states are working on making it legal for people with severe pain to use it. Many times, people who use marijuana for medical reasons claim that it is the only thing that can help alleviate their pain. This has become a hot topic in many different areas because the people who believe both sides of this issue tend to believe it very strongly.

Other than medical use, usage of marijuana has increased in minors and other people. It has its main usage base in younger people. Often it is smoked and inhaled, and is related to many of the younger activities, such as going to concerts and going to parties. It tends to be found in the younger generation, although there are a fair amount of adults who claim to use marijuana on a regular basis. It is found often in every different age group, although it does tend to be used by the younger people more often.

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