Drug Treatment variations

What are the different types of drug addiction rehab programs?

The field of addiction treatment and recovery has evolved from the rudimentary methods used in the 1800’s when it was treated in similar fashion to schizophrenia in the asylums of the day, to a variety of successful drug treatment variations. Today, there is a treatment method and therapy for just about every type of addiction known to man, including those that are non-substance in nature. There are two basic types of rehab centers – the alternative or residential and the traditional.

The alternative or residential centers provide clients with a homelike environment to recover in, complete with many of the amenities they have grown accustomed to at home. On the other hand, the traditional facilities are clinic, hospital, or motel-like in appearance and tend to be very intimidating to the person entering one of their programs. Where the traditional facility relies on the older, more conventional treatment therapies, the alternative centers employ more modern, innovative techniques for recovery.

In-patient vs. out-patient addiction rehab format

If you are trying to decide on one of the particular drug treatment variations that are currently available, and you have ruled out the traditional rehab facility in favor of the alternative type, then you will most likely compare the in-patient with the out-patient types. Here are the basic differences between the two:

In-patient rehab:

  • requires that you move into the facility
  • is recommended for the individual with a more severe abuse or addiction problem
  • has the highest recovery success rate in the field of addiction treatment and recovery because it removes you from the potentially addiction “triggers” and harmful environment that is associated with your problems
  • provides 24/7/365 care and supervision

Out-patient rehab:

  • allows you to return home in the evening
  • is recommended for the individual who is the sole parent or guardian of children in the home, is pursuing their education, and/or working a full-time job
  • has a lower recovery success rate because you are not under round-the-clock care and supervision
  • is ideal for the individual who does not have the financial means to afford an in-patient rehab program

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