Crack Cocaine – What is it?

crack-rehab-programCrack cocaine is cocaine that has been converted to crystal form and then often times smoked. Crack cocaine is NOT less addictive than any other form of cocaine. Cocaine in and of itself is very addictive. Just because its appearance is changed does not make it any less dangerous, or the user any less likely to not become addicted.

Crack cocaine causes a fast “high.” In other words, its effects are felt quickly, but wear off just as rapidly, leaving the user with a craving for more, immediately, leading to more smoking, leading to smoking more, a vicious circle. Because crack cocaine is normally smoked, it is not unusual to see people who use crack cocaine with burns around their nose and mouth. In fact, this is a sure sign that someone has been using crack cocaine, probably frequently.

People who use crack cocaine will not eat or sleep regularly. Further, crack cocaine affects the heart, causing it to beat more rapidly. Muscle spasms and convulsions are also some effects that crack cocaine can have on the body.

Like heroin, cocaine can cause death the very first time it is used. Because the heart speeds up when cocaine hits the body, a heart attack can very easily occur. Also, cocaine can cause seizures, which can also lead to death. Do you really want the first time to be the last time, for anything? I certainly hope not!

Remember, cocaine in any form is addictive. Crack is not a “safer” form of cocaine. There is no such thing as “safe” cocaine. There is no such thing as a “safe” drug, especially a street drug, period.

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