Benefits of Alcohol Rehabilitation

Addiction to alcohol is a terrible experience. It corrupts everything that it comes into contact with. It not only affects the life of the addict but the lives of his friends and family as well. It destroys the very essence of what we, as humans, should be striving for; love, fulfillment and happiness. It replaces these vital concepts with desperation and fear.

We become helpless under the compelling force of alcohol and and begin to rearrange our days and nights in accordance to it’s desires.

We forget who we are as our personalities are molded by the addiction. All aspects of life revolve around the source of alcohol. Our daily activities are chosen specifically with its presence in mind. Goals are forgotten; dreams are discarded.

We begin to feel like survivors of a war. We reward ourselves continually by poisoning our bodies. We both relish and despise our self destructiveness. We begin to die a little every day that we use, until we are only shadows of our former selves.

Alcoholism perverts life. It disintegrates values. It disrupts memory. It transforms life into existence. As we lose control over our actions and our bodies, we become zombies; we lose the freedom of choice.

We are handicapped and riven with mental and social disorders. We watch as everything precious is taken away one by one and we ironically deal with it by drinking. It does not have to be this way. Despite feeling otherwise, we do have a choice.

Alcohol rehabilitation begins with honesty. When we can admit to ourselves and to others that there is a problem than we have taken the first step towards recovery. As long as we can embrace the truth the damage will be lessened.

It is only through denial that the addiction has total control. There are many benefits in alcohol rehabilitation. Some of these benefits are apparent almost immediately after the cessation of use. We begin to feel better as physical health is restored. The fog lifts and we start to see clearly for the first time in years. Headaches, nausea, stomach cramps, dehydration, and tiredness go away as our bodies are able to absorb vitamins and minerals. Energy is increased. As we become more active, we feel better emotionally and mentally.

We begin to reflect aspects of our personalities before the addiction. Interests are reawakened. Values and morals reassert themselves. Through alcohol rehab treatment we are able to heal ourselves completely. Self esteem is raised as we continue to look and feel better.

Self destructive habits melt away as we learn how to to like ourselves again. We start to believe that we deserve happiness, and willingly embrace the process of obtaining it.

Th only way for alcoholics to recover life is through alcohol rehabilitation. There is no other hope. A choice has to be made between living or the continuation of use. Every day that an individual abuses alcohol is a day closer to their death. Overwhelming damage occurs, and eventually it will become irreparable. Make the choice before it is too late.