Alcohol Rehab Facilities

A word about alcohol rehabilitation facilities

Without a doubt, alcohol rehab facilities provide addicted individuals with the most effective way to deal with alcoholism and break the addiction cycle. Their rehab programs get right to the heart of the issue and uncover why the individual became addicted in the first place, and then treat the individual so that they recover fully from their addiction. It follows then that alcohol rehab centers are those facilities that offer the addicted person a safe haven to heal in so they can start living a healthier, normal life again.

The three stages of alcohol addiction treatment and recovery

There are typically three stages that you will undergo at any of the alcohol rehab facilities that you enter for professional help. Those stages are described as follows:

Detoxification – this is without a doubt the most important step taken in the alcohol rehab process. During this stage you will stop consuming alcohol so your body rids itself of the toxins and any residues that have resulted from your dependency. You will also experience some of the following withdrawal symptoms some of which can be quite unpleasant:

  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • blackouts
  • chills and sweating
  • depression
  • dizziness and fainting spells
  • erratic mood swings
  • hallucinations
  • irritability
  • possible relapsing
  • violent behavior

The detox stage normally lasts about several days up to two weeks while the withdrawal symptoms typically peak after the first three or four days in the process.

Group and individual counseling – group counseling sessions involve interacting with other individuals just like you break down the walls you built when you isolated yourself from those around you, gain the support of other members in the group, and share your experiences with them. The individual sessions offer you more private, one-on-one therapy with a licensed counselor or psychiatrist/psychologist. This is when you uncover and explore what caused your addiction.

Aftercare – alcohol rehab facilities typically recommend an aftercare program for support once it is time to leave. This will help you transition back into society more smoothly so that you can deal with the following challenges of everyday life:

  • Distractions and stress that you will encounter on the job or while your are pursuing your education, both of which can trigger a relapse
  • The lack of understanding that individuals typically display because they never experienced what you have been through
  • Temptation from seeing old friends which can lead to your old behavior patterns and result in relapsing back into your addiction

For more information about the alcohol rehab facilities that our addiction treatment referral service lists throughout the US, please call the toll-free phone number we have listed above.

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