Addiction Treatment

About addiction treatment and recovery

Whenever you or a loved one is suffering with a drug abuse problem or a substance dependency, getting professional help from an addiction treatment and recovery center is the smartest decision you can make. Granted, the first step is admitting that there is a problem but equally as important is getting help for it so that you can return to a normal lifestyle and remain substance-free. Additionally, getting help immediately may just save your life and keep you from becoming a tragic statistic.

The primary levels of addiction treatment and recovery

The use of addictive substances can affect an individual and the human infrastructure on 3 and sometimes 4 different levels – emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual (not every one is spiritual in their lifestyle). Those different levels are listed below and will give you a good idea as to why addiction treatment and recovery is so important when you have a drug abuse or dependency issue.

Biological – the first step that you must take is to go through detox and stop using drugs in order to remove their toxins and residues from your body. Depending on the severity of your addiction and the type of drug dependency you have, your withdrawal symptoms could be quite unpleasant.

Cognitive – understanding what happened to you while you were using drugs involves learning how they function once they are in the body. Cognitive behavioral therapy is very effective in uncovering this along with the thought patterns you encountered while you were using the drug.

Emotional – the progression of drug addiction involves a regression of the emotions. In fact, studies have proven that drug use results in the emotions no longer developing. Over time, it is not unusual to see:

  • they lose focus at work and interest in their job
  • they become totally self-absorbed in themselves
  • they shut down any relationships they are involved in
  • their personal development stops

Their total focus shifts to maintaining a steady source of the substance they are using while every other important issue in life becomes secondary.

Spiritual – whenever an individual enters an addiction treatment and recovery program, they can be emotionally, mentally, and physically ill. This will make it nearly impossible for them to live spiritually. These rehab programs provide the individual with the space they need in order to rekindle their faith and get back on their spiritual path.

Get the help you need now

If you or a loved one is suffering with substance dependency, The Rehab Advisor addiction treatment referral service can help you find a program that will effectively address your personal needs. For more information please call the toll-free phone number listed above.