Success in Drug Rehab, What Are You Waiting For?

There are drug addictions and there are drug rehabs for the drug addictions. The rehabs can use treatment option as simple as the “cold turkey” method (the method is simple, what’s involved is neither simple nor pleasant); they can be as complicated as the “rapid detox” option. (This is the one where the body still goes through withdrawal; however, medicine is given to speed up the process, and it all takes place while the patient is asleep through general anesthesia – using the same method that is used for performing surgery.)

Drug rehabs can take place in fancy, million-dollar facilities; or they can be housed in a “storefront” clinic. It doesn’t matter where they are, what matters is that they are there, and anyone who has a drug addiction and wants to be free of that addiction can and needs to go there.

Recovering addicts don’t need a big, fancy place for their counseling sessions. It’s nice when those facilities are available, but, again, it’s not where the counseling sessions are happening, it’s what’s happening DURING the counseling sessions that’s important.

Drug rehabs that occur in the old church building that the community homeless shelter/rescue mission was able to purchase with donated funds can be just as successful as the ones that are being held in the brand-new, state-of-the-art building that was donated by the millionaire whose son or daughter broke the chains of their addiction. It just does’t matter where it’s happening, as long as it’s happening.

The facilities are there, the opportunities are there, the success can be there.

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