OxyContin Drug Rehab Program

A prescription painkiller for moderate to sever pain relief, oxycontin is prescribed for assistance in pain management for injuries, back pain, arthritis, fractures, and for chronic pain management.

Illicit oxycontin is crushed and snorted, in an attempt to gain an euphoric effect, close to a heroin effect. An oxycontin drug rehab program can provide information on the similarity and differences of oxycontin and heroin recovery.

Repeated and prolonged us of the drug can build up a tolerance, as well as a physical dependency on the drug. Most users of oxycontin may not become addicted if the medication is taken as prescribed, but will develop a physical dependence and will experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking oxycontin.

When abused oxycontin can become dangerously addictive. Oxycontin is a controlled release pain reliever, abusers in order to get around the time-releases will administrate the drug in other ways. They may chew or inject the drug to get an immediate and instantaneous “high” effects. The frequency of use can lead to a development of tolerance, and thus higher doses of the drug must be used in order to achieve a high. This leads to high levels of drugs, addiction, overdoses, and in some cases death. If you know someone who abuses oxycontin seek the assistance of an oxycontin rehab program for more information and assistance.

An oxycontin drug rehabilitation program can assist an addict through the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Then help the individual learn to live life again without the assistance of drugs or other substances.

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