Options for Drug Rehab

The types of treatment and programs offered at drug rehab centers vary from facility to facility. However, most will offer those treatments and services that have been proven to be most successful; only the means by which these are presented may be slightly different, depending on the type of facility.

Most of these places require that a person seeking treatment for drug addiction to remain on the premises for a certain amount of time before returning to normal activities while still undergoing treatment. The duration of the stay may range from 21 days to as long as the facility staff feels is necessary for the patient to really begin reaping the benefits of the services offered.

Most drug rehab centers will be able to provide any medical attention that may be necessary, especially during the initial withdrawal period. Some facilities may even be equipped to allow the patient to go through the “rapid detox” method of withdrawal. This involves the patient being put under general anesthesia, just as if an operation was going to be performed, and drugs given to speed up the body’s response to withdrawal.

Individual counseling, group therapy, drug addiction and abuse education, and programs which allow for the participation of family members and close friends are all ways in which drug rehab centers can approach the recovery process. Once a person is on the road to recovery, information on other programs that will aid the person in continuing to remain drug-free will be made available. Assistance and support can be offered by the center to assure that the patient takes the necessary steps to continue the recovery process.

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