Heroin Drug Rehab Program

Background Information

Heroin can be found in many different forms. Pure Heroin is pure white in color and has a bitter taste, but heroin can be found in colors that vary from white to dark brown. A form of heroin, “black tar”, can have a sticky consistency or a hard form, it’s color can be from dark brown to black. Heroin is typically injected. The heroin is liquefied and inserted into the body directly through the blood stream, this causes an intense and immediate high. Heroin is also smoked and snorted. Heroin is imported into the United States. Made from opium in foreign countries such as: South America, Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Southwest Asia. Heroin costs are based on availability, quantities, and purity. Heroin was reportably sold from 13,200 to 175,000 per kilogram in 2000.

Heroin Use

One of the most dangerous aspects of heroin use is drug addiction. Heroin is extremely addictive. It rapidly builds a tolerance with in the body, resulting in the use of higher doses to achieve the same effect. This builds a physical and mental dependency on the drug. Heroin also has sever withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Chronic use and heroin abuse causes physical damage to the body such as; collapsed veins, heart infections, and liver disease. Even short term use can put the body in danger of HIV and hepatitis B and C. Overdose with heroin is common, an overdose can cause shallow breathing, convulsions, coma, and death. Heroin usage rates across the United States have been documented by emergency room visits and deaths.

Heroin addiction is usually a quick up and down, heroin user typically bottom out very quickly due to the addictive qualities and expense of the drug. If you or someone you love has a heroin addiction seek help immediately. There are many drug rehab facilities that can help safely assist you in the withdrawal and recovery from heroin addiction.

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