Drug Rehab Treatment

Understanding drug addiction and addiction rehab

When drug addiction is present, the individual persists in using psychoactive substances meaning alcohol, prescription drugs, or “street” drugs like amphetamines, cocaine (in crack or powder form), heroin, and marijuana. The individual continues even though the individual is well aware of the damage it is doing to them mentally and physically. There is also the grief that it causes families, friends, and loved ones as well as fellow employees and any other relationships they may have.

Addiction rehab refers to the series of medical or psychotherapeutic processes that is used for the treatment of drug abuse and addiction. In the drug rehab treatment field, the goal of any rehab center and their programs is to help the individual overcome substance dependency so they successfully recover and start living a normal life again. Undergoing the right drug rehab treatment will result in the individual returning home to society and living a substance-free life without the fear of relapsing back into their addiction.

Brief history of addiction and addiction rehab

Drug addiction has its roots in ancient times with evidence dating back to roughly 4,200 BC during the Neolithic Age. Arabian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Minoan, Persian, Roman, and Sumerian Empires were some of the first cultures to use opium as an anesthetic and for ritual purposes. Additionally, some cultures used it for culinary reasons. Interestingly enough, opium use and addiction began long before we witnessed the onset of the opium dens in 15th century Asia and Europe.

Consequently, the history of drug rehab in the US began during the Temperance Movement of the late 1800’s. At that point in history, we witnessed the birth of the modern notion that society needed to relieve the suffering that alcoholics and drug addicts encountered. Naturally, the goal of the Temperance Movement was abstinence or the total non-use of any substance, whether it was alcohol or drugs.

The Rehab Advisor is here to help you

Our addiction treatment referral service features a listing of the most successful drug rehab treatment programs throughout the US. With a basic assessment interview, we can determine which program will be the most effective for addressing your personal needs. No matter what your substance dependency is and whatever special needs you may have, we will refer you to a program that will enable you to overcome your addiction. Our goal is to see that you recover fully so that you live substance-free for the rest of your life.

If you or a loved one is in need of a professional drug rehab treatment program, please contact The Rehab Advisor today at the toll-free number above.

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