Cocaine Drug Rehab Options

Cocaine is processed from the leaves of the coca plant. It can be found in powder form, liquid form, or solid form (usually referred to as crack).

Cocaine is highly addictive. When it is used, it causes feelings of euphoria (in other words, happy, happy, joy, joy.) It also makes one feel as though he or she has lots of energy.

However, as with other drugs, the first time one uses cocaine can be the last. Death has been known to occur the very first time it is used.

Long-term use or using a large amount of cocaine at one time can lead to violent behavior, not to mention it can make a person act really, really weird. Often, it is the violence or the over-the-top behavior that brings the addiction to the attention of family, friends, and others.

If someone suspects that a person is using cocaine, that person should not be afraid to speak up. Letting the user know that the problem is not “hidden” or “secret” and that it does not have to be faced alone may be all that is needed to persuade someone who is abusing cocaine to seek help.

Once the offer of help is given, it should be followed up on, especially if it comes from a family member. The person who has the problem with cocaine is going to need to know that the support that was offered is going to be given, and that the concerned person can be counted on.

Family members can take turns providing the assistance and support that is so badly needed by the person who has the problem. In this way, one will not feel overwhelmed, and all can have the satisfaction of knowing they were part of the solution, not the problem.

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