Butorphanol Drug Rehab Program

Butorphanol was first available in an injection form for both human and veterinary medicine. The development of the nasal spray is believed to have led to the abuse of butorphanol and it’s current classification of a controlled substance.

Butorphanol is a prescription pain medicine, available most commonly as a nasal solution. It is used to treat migraines, as general anesthesia (for dentists) and during labor and delivery for pain management. Long-term use can lead to addiction and mental and physical dependency.

A Butorphanol drug rehab program will include the removal of the substance from the body. A detox of detoxification process with rid the Butorphanol substance from the addicts body and assist the addict through the withdrawal process.

A drug rehabilitation program will then assist the individual in learning to rebuild their life free of butorphanol or other pain medication. most pain medications have an addictive quality to them in long term use. The assistance of a medical professional may be necessary to differentiate between chronic pain symptoms and withdrawal symptoms.

Many rehab programs also have life skill and aftercare programs to assist the addict in the continuation of a substance free life.

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