Be Patient to See the Results of Drug Rehab

Results of drug rehabs don’t occur in a flash. Most of the time, the addiction didn’t happen all of a sudden, so why should becoming drug-free be any different?

They do happen and can be accomplished in different ways. Long-term, short-term, combined with medication or relying strictly on therapy and counseling, all these are just some methods that are used.

Family members, friends, and those who were affected by a person’s drug or alcohol use and/or abuse, then, should not expect overnight results. The extent with which they became involved or began to be affected by the rehabilitating person did not come about in a short time; rather, the problems, situations, and consequences of the person’s actions came about as time went on.

This is where a healthy dose of patience on the part of family members and others who were affected can really be beneficial. Support and caring are important right now, not the speed with which the process can be done. The goal is for the person to lead a normal, drug-free life, not win a metal for going through any one of the number of drug rehabs available.

So, the clinic has said that the patient has to earn the privilege of family visits or friends being allowed to see the patient. So what? They ultimately are in the best position to make this important decision. This is where patience comes in most importantly. There will be opportunities to see the patient. When the time is right or the goal has been reached, then family and friends will be welcomed.

Until then, make the most of it. Use the time to reflect on things, and determine not only what the person in the program can get out of it, bur also what the family wants to ultimately see happen.

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