Marijuana Facts

A scientific term for marijuana is Cannabis. This is a term based on the chemical makeup of basic elements that are incorporated in marijuana. Cannabis is thought to have been originally cultivated in north-east Asia. It began as a way to be included in many of the early religions. Because of the psychotropic properties of Cannabis, it has been used as a drug for some time. The scientific name for Cannabis is Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC). The chemical name of cannabis is Tetrahyrdo -6, 6, 9-trimethyl-3-pentyl-6H-dibenzo[b,d]pyran-1-ol.

The cannabis chemical compounds consist of C21,H30,02. The molecular weight for cannabis is 314.47. Cannabis will reach its boiling point at 392 degrees Fahrenheit, 200 degrees Celsius.

When Cannabis came from north-east Asia, it moved onto the African continent and eventually spread to India, Europe, and the Americas. There is evidence of cannabis use in early societies going back all the way to 5 BC.

Cannabis was first used in many different religious groups. It was used by the Islamic order of Sufis and Dervishes. Referred to as Ganja, it is used by the Rastafarians in Jamaica. Because of the many different psychotropic effects that Cannabis has on the brain, many different cultures and religions use the drug.

The main chemical in marijuana is the aforementioned THC. Your brain will produce protein receptors that bind to the THC and this will kick off a lot of chain reactions, which lead to the marijuana high. The THC is the chemical in the cannabis that creates the high when it is smoked. The THC in marijuana might impair the immune system’s chances at fighting diseases. An abuser of marijuana is going to have a higher risk of heart attack than someone who does not use marijuana. This might be because of marijuana’s effects on blood pressure and heart rate as well as the capacity of your blood to carry oxygen. A user of marijuana will also suffer negative effects to the lungs.

Marijuana has also been found to have an effect on a person’s daily life. They might go through periods of depression, anxiety, or also have disturbances in their personalities. Smoking marijuana is going to have a bad effect on your lungs, especially if you smoke it regularly. It might be that a person who smokes marijuana regularly will have the same cough and other respiratory problems than chronic cigarette users.

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