Heroin Facts

Heroin is the 3.6 diacetyle derivative of morphine. This is where the name diacetylmorphine comes from. It is synthesized from morphine by adding acetylation. When this systemization occurs, the drug is complete, and it is what is most commonly known as diamorphine, or street Heroin.

Mostly, this drug is going to be found in a white form. This is crystallized, and it is the most common form of Heroin. When the drug is in its white crystal form this is the hydrochloride salt. When the two are put together, the chemical compound is diacetylmorphine hydrochloride.

Some of the street names for the drug are “dope”, “black tar”, “smack” and also, “brown sugar. It is also known in the United Kingdom as diamorphine, and it is a legal prescription drug in this country. Heroin has become a serious problem in America and all over the world. Heroin is something that has become very important to try to deal with. It is a processed form of morphine, which is a natural substance.

The derivative of morphine called diamorphine, which makes up the synthetic opioid called Heroin has huge and immediate effects on the person who is taking it. Right after they take the drug, heroin users will report a euphoria that hits them right away. There will be a warmth that flushes their skin, a dry mouth, and heavy feelings in their arms and legs. They often call the next phase going on a “nod”, and during this phase they are in alternating wakeful and drowsy states. There is a depression of the central nervous system during this time and that means that the mental functioning of the user is going to become clouded.

Because of not only the synthetic nature of this drug, but also the highly addictive nature, there are many health hazards that are associated with heroin use. Once someone has used heroin a few times, there are going to be long term effects of the drug that are seen, including veins that collapse when someone is injecting the drug. Heroin has short-term effects which will appear right away when someone has taken the drug and will last for several hours. Many times, the period of use will increase dramatically within a very short period of time.

They might develop things like collapsed veins, infections in their heart, and lots of different sicknesses like pneumonia, pulmonary sicknesses and liver disease. Rates of HIV and AIDS as well as hepatitis are also higher in heroin users. There are also terrible effects that are found when a pregnant woman abuses heroin. The baby will have low birth weight, which has an effect on every other developmental stage that child goes through. There are many times where spontaneous abortion will occur from heroin use.

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