Ecstasy Facts

Ecstasy is a synthetic and psychoactive drug, which is chemically similar to meth. It is also similar to mescaline. This is an illegal drug that can be used as both a stimulant and a psychedelic. When someone uses ecstasy, they get an energizing effect, and they also feel that they are having distortions in how they perceive time. They are also going to get much more enjoyment from tactile experiences when they are using ecstasy.

Chemically, this drug is known as methylenedioximethampetamine or MDMS. Sometimes MDMA is classified as a hallucinogen: this is due to its chemical make up.

If the chemicals are combined to produce MDMA, it is less hallucinogenic than dimethoxy-methylphenethylamine (DOM) which is purported to have similar effects to amphetamines and LSD.

One of the frightening aspects of this drug is that even though it is called ecstasy, many times the drug contains different drugs as well. There are often different combinations of ecstasy that are found, and these combinations can be very harmful to the user.

Many times, the tablets will contain things like Methamphetamines, caffeine, and over the counter drugs such as the cough suppressant dextromethorphan, or the diet drug ephedrine. There have also often been traces of cocaine found in ecstasy. Also, this drug is extremely dangerous because it is rarely used alone. Many times it is used in conjunction with other drugs or with alcohol. This can greatly enhance the effects of the drug, and will make the user have much greater symptoms. This can also cause death of the user.

Those that use ecstasy, who are mainly adolescents and young adults, say that the drug makes them experience feelings of euphoria, feelings of closeness with the people they are using the drug with, empathy towards those around them, an increased feeling of sexuality, and inhibitions that are greatly reduced. Most of the time, ecstasy is a party drug, and most people get it at a rave or other party, and use it at the party. Which is why it is referred to as a club drug. However, in recent times, use has expanded, and now the drug is seen used recreationally in other settings, such as college campuses.

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