Heroin ultimately comes from morphine. Morphine comes from the seedpods of Asian poppy plants. It occurs naturally in these pods. Some heroin is produced in other parts of the world; for instance, there is a variety of heroin called “Mexican black tar,” so named because of where it comes from.

Heroin is extremely addictive, and addiction can occur no matter how the drug is taken into the body. It is said that heroin users are told that they will not become addicted if they smoke or “snort” (take it through the nose) heroin instead of injecting it, because heroin that is smoked or snorted is purer than heroin that is injected. This is not true.

Heroin usually looks like a white or brown powder. If the color is white, it is easier for the heroin to be “cut”, or mixed with other substances that are also white, such as powdered sugar, starch, or other stuff. Sometimes, however, strychnine is used. This is rat poison, people. And, because it is impossible to know how much of what is being taken is heroin and how much is rat poison, there is a STRONG possibility of death.

Heroin can cause long-term health problems, such as collapsed veins, as well as heart and lung problems. Heroin users are also at an increased risk of AIDS and Hepatitis C, because needles are so often shared. Methadone is commonly used for treatment of heroin addiction. It has been proven that methadone works the best for heroin addiction treatment. Lifestyle changes, of course, are also necessary in order to remain drug-free and continue on the road to recovery.

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