Effects of drug addiction on those around drug abusers

Chances are the effects of drug addiction on those around drug abusers is speculative at best. There could be different effects such as having none at all to arousing curiosity and temptation to potentially dangerous and harmful consequences. It is well documented that drug abuse can lead to addiction whereas addiction cannot lead to abuse. The addict has already been abusing drugs and probably was long before the dependency or addiction occurred. So one can only speculate at best.

A lot depends on those that are around the drug abuser or the drug addict. They may be able to resist the temptation to experiment or they may be prone to addictive behavior. It all depends on the individual as some individuals are influenced more than others. There is a much greater chance that an individual will start abusing drugs if there is a history of abuse or addiction in their family.

Medical and psychological experts tend to agree that if there was a parent or a sibling that abused drugs or had an addiction, that the person had a greater likelihood of abusing or becoming addicted themselves. It’s a matter or being a product of your environment. The proponents of genetic predisposition feel that genetics loads the gun and the environment pulls the trigger. So the influence is based on a combination of elements.

Another issue is if there are psychological issues underlying the abuse or addiction. Everyone is different in that area as well. It is still uncertain if the behavioral or psychological disorder led to the drug abuse or addiction or if the abuse or addiction caused the disorder. In many cases, an individual is suffering with what is known as dual diagnosis or the condition that exists when a person suffers with abuse or addiction and a mental illness at the same time.

So as you can see, there are a tremendous number of considerations and variables to deal with whenever you are trying to determine the effects of drug addiction on those around drug abusers.

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