Finding Addiction Treatment

The most important step is when an addicted person has realized that he or she needs help, and is ready for an addiction treatment program. Because everything revolves around that next “fix”, addiction tends to make one forget about things such as one’s general health. In fact, sometimes hospitalization is necessary. Often, that’s what makes them realize the severity of their problem.

While the patient is in the hospital, if he or she states that they wish to enter a treatment program, it is then determined by those responsible for patient care if medical detoxification might be a good idea. OK, so it’s been decided that medical detox is needed, and that procedure is done. A day or two later, (or maybe three – they are not sure, they have been asleep) each awakens from the general anesthesia they were given to find that the withdrawal process was sped up while they were unconscious. The patients are also better physically, so the addiction treatment program continues.

Everyone knows his or her strengths and weaknesses. Patient A knows that he would be better served by admitting himself to a facility, rather than try to resume the normal life at the time. Patient B opts for an outpatient program. Patient A has chosen a method based on a rewards system. Cooperation and participation earns him the right to do something. Each reward brings a feeling of self-confidence that he has not felt in a long time.

Even with the decision to enter a treatment program, and the method that is chosen, it is still a long, hard process. However, both Patient A and Patient B know that the help and support, given at that clinic, compassion, and care shown will help them to eventually meet the goal of being drug-free again.