Alcoholism Treatment

In order to determine the type of alcoholism treatment that will address your personal needs the most effectively (i.e. in-patient, out-patient, long-stay, short-stay, etc.), there are 5 questions that you need to answer in order to determine which option is best for you.

How do I know if I am a candidate for alcohol treatment? To answer this question, answer the following:

  • Has your spouse or significant other told you that your actions and behavior are completely unacceptable when you are drinking?
  • Has your employer informed you that your drinking has resulted in excessive absenteeism or tardiness and that you could eventually lose your job?
  • Has your physician informed you that your health illnesses and other problems are associated with your alcoholism?
  • Despite the above, do you continue drinking?

Answering β€œyes” to any or all of these is a good indication that you are a prime candidate for entering an alcoholism treatment program.

In-patient or out patient – which should I choose? The choice of an in-patient or an out-patient rehab programs depends on the severity of your addiction as well as your career and family obligations. In-patient alcoholism treatment is recommended for the individual who has been dependent on alcohol for a long time. Out-patient programs cater to those individuals that are the sole parent or guardian of children and are working a full-time job or still pursuing their education.

Can my family be included? When the time is appropriate, the addiction specialists and counselors involved in your addiction treatment and recovery program will assist you in helping you restore your relationship with your family. Chances are that they will benefit as well due to the fact that alcoholism, like drug addiction, tears families apart.

How can I find the funds to pay for my rehab? Many individuals will use money as an excuse for not undergoing addiction treatment and recovery. However, financing is now available and many insurance companies provide coverage for this.

What are my options for entering an alcohol rehab facility? You basically have two options for finding an appropriate alcoholism treatment program that will best address your personal needs. The first is enduring the confusion and frustration of researching hundreds of these facilities on your own. This is not recommended because many individuals in need of help will get so discouraged that they will give up and convince themselves that help is not available.

The best option is to contact The Rehab Advisor addiction treatment referral service if you or a loved one is suffering with alcoholism and needs help immediately. Please contact us by calling the toll-free phone number listed above today by so that we can determine which alcoholism treatment will best target your personal needs.

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