When is Alcohol Rehabilitation Necessary?

Understanding alcohol rehab

Many individuals have asked “what is alcohol rehabilitation?” Alcohol rehabilitation has been defined as any type of process, whether it is medical or psychiatric, that enables an alcohol-addicted individual to overcome their physical and psychological dependency on it. The goal of any alcohol rehab program is to see the recovered individual return to society and live clean and sober for the rest of their lives.

Alcoholism is a disease that can be treated. It is typically characterized by the following four main features:

  • binge drinking
  • cravings
  • loss of control
  • physical and psychological dependence
  • tolerance build-up

The concerned individual will ask “when is alcohol rehabilitation necessary?” If you have noticed the above four elements happening with you or a loved one, you are most likely a candidate for an alcohol addiction treatment and recovery program.

What to expect during alcohol rehab

The fear of the unknown, namely living without alcohol or drugs is what makes an alcoholic or drug addict procrastinate about entering any addiction treatment and recovery program. There are typically three stages to an alcohol rehab program, all of which were designed and developed to treat each component of alcohol abuse and addiction, be it physiological or psychological in nature:

  • detox and withdrawal
  • group and individual counseling
  • aftercare or the support phase

There are oftentimes consequences of a financial, legal, or social nature that are indirectly addressed when you are undergoing an alcohol rehab program. Detox and withdrawal is by far the most unpleasant stage of the entire process. Another aspect to consider is that the further you progress, the more freedoms you will have in the ensuing stages of the process.

The most successful programs

Once you have answered the question “when is alcohol rehabilitation necessary”, it probably means that you have admitted to having a problem with alcohol abuse or dependency, and it is time to start searching for professional help. In most instances, the alcoholic who is genuinely ready to stop drinking will turn to an alcohol addiction treatment and recovery center in order to overcome their addiction so they can return to society clean and sober.

You will have to choose between an in-patient or out-patient program based on affordability as well as career and family responsibilities. However, it has been proven statistically that the long-term, residential or in-patient rehab programs have the highest success rates.

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