Wilderness Addiction Treatment

What is wilderness addiction treatment therapy?

One of the subsets of adventure-based therapy that has become extremely popular in the field of addiction treatment and recovery is wilderness addiction treatment. This particular aspect of alcohol and drug rehab utilizes expeditions into the outdoors and wilderness environments for therapeutic intervention purposes while using a wide range of different approaches, models, and programs in the process.

Some of these therapies have grown out of an Outward Bound educational approach to wilderness exploration while others have grown out of a survivalist approach to the great outdoors. The goal of either philosophy is to guide the client towards total self-reliance and self-respect. Ezekiel C. Sanchez and Larry D. Olsen, 2 professors at Brigham Young University, are considered to be the pioneers of wilderness addiction treatment.

An overview of wilderness addiction treatment

Although the primary target audience of wilderness addiction treatment is the 11 to 17 age group, it is also popular with younger to middle aged adults as well. It is an effective way to treat substance abuse and dependency as well as a variety of disorders such as:

  • academic difficulties
  • ADD / ADHD
  • aggression / defiance
  • behavioral disorders
  • bi-polar disorder / depression
  • other mental health issues

In a variety of research studies and surveys that were conducted once the individuals had completed their wilderness addiction treatment program, many teens and younger adults claimed that their experiences were beneficial, enjoyable, and very positive. They also claimed that it gave them a greater sense of assertiveness, independence, maturity, patience, and self-reliance despite being speculative as to how long these positive changes actually lasted.

Other outcome studies that were completed and reviewed showed continual improvement in the individual’s behavior up to 12 months after completing the wilderness addiction treatment program. Once the therapy is completed, the individual may either return home to their communities or enter an intensive in-patient program, therapeutic boarding school, or young adult program in order to continue their recovery.

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