Sober Houses

What are sober houses?

Sober houses evolved from the original concept of halfway houses which were developed in the 1930’s to assist and benefit recovering alcoholics or inmates that were recently released from prison. It is a transitional form of housing that is geared to helping these individuals and recovering drug addicts take that last step between the institution they were in and society. Today, sober houses are a common component of the aftercare and support phase of addiction treatment and recovery programs.

Sober houses play a significant role in the life of the recovering alcoholic or drug addict in that they offer them the chance to gain more confidence in their sobriety or substance-free lifestyle so that they have the strength to live on their own again. The different classes and educational materials that sober houses provide their clients with teach them certain life skills and relapse prevention techniques. They learn to avoid those people and places that were the triggers for their addictive behavior.

Functions of the sober house

The halfway house or sober house exists solely for those individuals that are recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Unlike halfway houses, sober house residents do not always have a criminal record. However, one of the primary benefits to residing in sober houses is the fact that you will be able to interact with individuals just like you who have had their problems with substance abuse and dependency. You will typically attend group and individual counseling sessions while completing homework assignments during your stay in the sober house.

In addition to the above, there are sober houses that offer an extended list of activities and programs to participate in including:

  • equine therapy
  • meditation
  • therapy-based excursions and field trips
  • various outdoor activities
  • Yoga

All of these play a significant role in the recovery and transitioning process. In fact, many individuals who have stayed in sober houses claim that this was the difference between relapsing back into their addictions and remaining substance-free to this day.

We have listings of sober houses throughout the US

Our drug addiction treatment referral site has compiled a list of the better sober houses located throughout the US so that we can refer you into one that is in your local vicinity. However, if you would prefer to reside out of state, we can refer you to a sober house that is located in your area of preference. It is our goal to see that you return home to your community and remain substance-free for the rest of your life.

For more information about the sober houses we list or any of the addiction treatment and recovery programs that are currently available, contact us today.

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