Short Term Addiction Treatment

The different types of drug rehab programs

There are two basic categories of addiction treatment and recovery programs, namely the alternative or residential format or the older, traditional types. The primary difference lies in their appearance as the alternative facilities are residential looking with separate apartment environments for clients to recover and relax in. Conversely, the traditional center is clinical or hospital like in appearance which oftentimes proves to be intimidating to the clients that enter them for drug addiction rehab.

Additionally, the alternative, residential programs are divided into two distinct categories – in-patient and out-patient. In-patient rehab is broken down into long-term and short-term stay, with the former lasting up to 4 months while the short-term addiction treatment lasts from one week to 28 days. Short-term addiction treatment and recovery programs usually target those individuals whose addiction is not that severe but may still require detoxification. They are still residential in nature so you will be required to spend your nights there.

Differences and similarities

There are a number of differences between the short-term addiction treatment and long-term rehab programs besides what is implied by their names. The same holds true with the similarities involved with both types of programs. For instance, the goals are usually quite similar in the fact that both types of programs strive to see the client eventually return home to society and remain substance-free for the rest of their lives.

Becoming contributing members of their communities is the primary focus of any addiction treatment and recovery program. Both programs are normally tied into an aftercare/support network so that the client can continue recovering once they have completed the rehab program. Many experts and medical professionals feel that this process never ends and that the client will be in recovery for the rest of their lives.

Another aspect of the aftercare stage is the opportunity to live in a halfway house or transitional residence in order to gain more confidence regarding their new, substance-free lifestyle. While in residence here, recovering addicts attend classes and counseling sessions that provide additional support and teach them different relapse prevention techniques so that they don’t have to fear falling back into their addictions once they return home.

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