Self-Help Addiction Treatment

An overview of self-help addiction treatment programs

Self-help rehab programs allow addicted individuals to find their spiritual paths again while they are undergoing an addiction treatment and recovery program. It is an environment where their personal beliefs and spiritual rights are respected without forcing them to adhere to other philosophies that may be contrary to their own. For these individuals, it is the spiritual journey that is the most significant part of their recovery from substance abuse and dependency.

Self-help addiction treatment is about empowerment and strength

The majority of the medical and mental health professionals out there will encourage you to seek out the help of others. However, an entire industry, based on the premise that answers and solutions can be found within oneself, has developed in recent years and is fueled by the belief that lasting changes come from within. Self-help books, groups, and meetings have grown in popularity for the following key reasons:

  • Self-help groups address the personal needs of the addicted individual using the strength in numbers approach to individuals who are undergoing similar struggles with substance abuse and addiction.
  • Self-help strategies are comprised of simple yet highly effective concepts that may have a profound impact on the pressures and stresses of everyday living.
  • Self-help solutions enable the individual to be strong enough to take responsibility for their specific issues while at the same time seeking resolution by being pro-active and not reactive.

For the most part, self-help addiction treatment programs are broken down into paths or “tracks” that compliment the therapies that the addicted individual is exposed to. The more common tracks are Cognitive/Holistic, faith-based, and self-help oriented.

The more common elements of self-help addiction treatment

Every self-help addiction treatment therapy is comprised of a series of elements that enhance the recovery process of the individual whether they are suffering with alcoholism or another substance dependency. Four of the more common elements are:

  • guided or supervised meditation sessions
  • inside recovery meetings
  • lectures that are given by recovering addicts, alcoholics, and counselors
  • outside recovery meetings

You want to make sure that these elements are all components of any self-help addiction treatment program that you are looking into before making your final decision.

The Rehab Advisor can help you locate the best self-help addiction treatment

Our drug addiction treatment and recovery referral website was designed and developed to assist those individuals who are struggling with substance dependency. It is our goal to provide you with the right program so that you can eventually return home to your community and remain substance-free for the rest of your life. For more information regarding our service and the many addiction treatment and recovery programs that we list, please contact us today.

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