Residential Addiction Treatment

In many cases of addiction treatment, residential addiction treatment is the only solution to control the substance abuse. If you or a loved one suffers from addiction, there are numerous options available and for many people, after a relapse, residential addiction treatment is the only solution. However, for many addicted individuals, residential addiction treatment programs are traumatic to think about as it requires admission as a full time resident at the rehab facility.

However, residential addiction treatment is not stressful as it helps the individual to get away from the influences of the normal surroundings. At the residential addiction treatment program, the individual moves in the facility full time and can stay at a semi-private or private accommodation based on their own preference. Most individuals receive 24/7 care and monitoring from health care and medical professionals while other programs include daily workouts, nutritional counseling and alternative healing methods.

The period of treatment and rehab can last from a month to over two years entirely depending upon the client’s condition. However, when prices are compared, in-patient or residential addiction treatment is more expensive as it includes food, facilities and accommodations. The basic premise of residential addiction treatment is to help the addicted individual break the vicious cycle of substance abuse within a home like ambience, with 24/7 medical support and monitoring. This helps them offer clients privacy that they need to recover completely from the addictions. The best aspect of being in a residential facility is that it provides the individual with a secure environment without the situations that can trigger relapses.

Another key consideration is that the individuals stay with other residents who are in similar situations and can relate better to their problems. This helps them realize and encourage them to move on in life without drugs while the isolation from negative perceptions in the society can help them deal with the situation. As each one is in the same or similar situation, it enhances camaraderie and helps them depend on each other as they progress. The distance from family, friends and the real world, helps them retrospect on their life, addictions and the future, while the treatment and therapies engages them to utilize the time well.

To counter the drug addictions and substance abuse issues, residential addiction treatment has been in existence for over 40 years. The main reason for the success of these treatment and recovery facilities is the home like settings and hierarchical model of treatment stages depending upon the individual’s progress. The crunch of timeline is not an issue here and people move on to the next step when they are ready for it.

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