Non-12 Step Addiction Treatment

Treatment and recovery from drug addiction is an important step to take in the addicted individual’s life but the main confusion takes place over the question of whether to join a 12-Step program or a non 12-Step addiction treatment program. The issue of joining a traditional program or entering an alterative non-12 Step drug and alcohol rehab program is debatable. However, settling for a 12-Step traditional approach is not a good idea as the therapies and treatments used are outdated. Usually the success rate of 12-Step program is only 5-10%. Conversely, the non 12-Step addiction treatment program has better success rates, due to innovative and alternative therapies, and a scientific approach to address the needs of drug and alcohol addiction. Non 12-Step addiction treatment programs take into consideration the different factors that lead to addiction on all levels namely physical, emotional and mental issues.

When the recovering individual ends the non-12 Step addiction treatment program, they leave with an assurance that they have the skills and tools to live a drug-free life. Additionally, the non-12 Step rehab program does not have replacement drug therapy which ensures that the addicted individual stresses on proper nutrition and regular exercises for improving health.

Reasons to Select Non-12 Step addiction treatment

The non-12 Step approach handles physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of addiction and treats the underlying causes of alcohol and drug addiction. This type of rehab empowers the individual and helps to rebuild the self esteem and enhances the confidence level of the individual. These rehab facilities offer a range of therapies including cognitive counseling and a host of life skill therapy. This helps to address the core issues of why the individual uses alcohol and drugs and then treat the root cause of addiction. Usually the philosophy behind Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is the 12-Step principle but that stresses on addiction being an incurable disease and does not build self esteem.

However, non-12 Step addiction treatment program believes that addiction is curable and rehab empowers an individual to lead a drugless living. Most of these programs have a success rate of over 30% as it addresses the mental desire or craving for drugs and the physical dependency.

One of the main components of non-12 Step is the biophysical drug rehab which understands the significance of detoxification. Not only does it address the physical withdrawal from the substance of abuse but ensures that there is complete detoxification of the residues of toxins in the blood.

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