Long-term Addiction Treatment

Statistics have proven that the longer the time period an addict spends in rehabilitation, the higher are the chances of better recovery. Thus, it is best not to ignore the benefits of long tern rehab. Usually long term addiction treatment is considered to be a time span of 3 months to up to 2 years. These are not considered as initial attempts at rehabilitation for addicted individuals but are recommended only for those with long history of drug abuse and repeated relapses in other rehab programs.

Most rehab programs start with outpatient therapy but if that is not successful, the next step is residential rehab programs which are usually for a month. However if that does the individual no good to induce sobriety, long term addiction treatment is the only solution. However comparing the disruption of normal living due to the long term addiction treatment stay tilts in the favor of the rehab especially when considering the intensity of the substance abuse, years of abuse and the relapses or failures in controlling the addiction are accounted.

Long term addiction treatment by itself works in the betterment of the addicted individual and the individual’s will to be treated is not much of a consideration. The enforced sobriety and the length of the program ensure that the individual gets motivated and participates towards recovery.

Working Processes within Long Term addiction treatment

To start with, the complete process of detoxification takes a week or more depending upon the severity of the addiction. For those with heavy addictions over a period of few years, even a month of sobriety is difficult. They cannot imagine a life without drugs or alcohol. At a long term addiction treatment where the stay can be from 6 months to two years, the individual learns to live with sobriety and understand that life without substance abuse is possible and enjoyable.

Though the amalgamation of a variety of therapies is used, even people addicted for numerous years can lead a life of sobriety. The long term addiction treatment program works on the model of a community where the residents live, share and work as a part of their treatment. Thus they are able to come to terms with recovery within a structured framework.

Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy is part of their recovery program. Participation and involvement in work and discipline teaches them responsibility and the life skills help them re-adjust back to normal life without drugs. It als teaches them trust and working under authority, which is a must.

Traditional therapies and counseling: As with other rehab centers, psychological and therapy is provided customized to individual needs. There are group sessions and one-to-one counseling based upon individual needs and treatment.

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