Local Support Groups Addiction Treatment

What is a support group?

The general answer to this is a group of individuals who all have similar problems, such as emotional issues or substance dependencies, and who all work together in order to get through the tough times or recovering from their addictions. They are all there for one another as each member of these local support groups shares their personal experiences with one another as part of the recovery process. In so doing, every member of the group benefits from every other member.

The help that members of these local support group addiction treatments are typically non-material and non-professional in nature. There are several forms of help that may transpire in the process including:

  • establishing social networks
  • listening to and accepting the experiences of others in the group
  • providing sympathetic understanding
  • relating to one another’s personal experiences
  • the provision of and evaluation of relevant information

Local support groups also work by engaging in advocacy or informing the public. Suffice it to say, they play a significant role in the addiction treatment and recovery process.

Drug addiction recovery and the aftercare phase

Most people think that there are two stages involved in the addiction treatment and recovery process, namely detox/treatment and recovery. However, there is a third phase known as aftercare which is part of the recovery process and typically relates to certain elements such as transitional housing for sober or substance-free living and local support groups. In any event, these groups are invaluable when it comes to enhancing the recovery process and ensuring that the individual never relapses back into their addictions.

The reason for this is that aftercare networks, local support groups, and transitional housing all help the individual gain additional confidence in their newly found sobriety or substance-free lifestyle. Additionally, they help the individual by showing them how to avoid those people and places that act as substance abuse triggers, as well as teaching them a variety of relapse prevention techniques. The goal of these local support groups is no different than that of the addiction treatment and recovery center – to ensure that the individual returns to society and remains substance-free for life.

The Rehab Advisor can help you during the aftercare phase

We are the internet’s premier addiction treatment referral site and can easily find local support groups that will help you through the recovery process before returning home or as soon as you have settled back into your community. We can find the right support group for you no matter what state you live in as we have compiled a listing of the most successful support groups throughout the US. For more information, contact us today.

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