In-patient Addiction Treatment

In-patient addiction treatment or residential rehabilitation program is formulated to help those looking to be sober after years at drug and alcohol addiction. It means moving into a monitored 24/7 rehab facility which has a home like appeal on a full time basis. It may be for just a week to a few months, depending upon the addicted individual’s condition and level of addiction.

Being in a residential rehab center can help the individual be in constant care of the licensed medical staff to help address the psychological and physical reasons that led to substance abuse. It is for those who have had failure at treatment as an out patient or for those with chronic addictions that cannot be helped without 24/7 care and monitoring. In-patient addiction treatment program helps individuals work towards being accepted amongst peers and the community as they return from drug treatment and rehab with sobriety.

Benefits of In-Patient addiction treatment

Though there are innumerable benefits of in-patient addiction treatment , the best aspect is that residential rehab programs are safe havens for the addicted individual. The pressures and stresses of being in the real world can be demoralizing for the person, thus staying away in a safe environment can be therapeutic. Thus, residential rehab ensures total abstinence from opportunities to use drugs and eliminates all temptations to achieve recovery.

Another benefit of in-patient addiction treatment is the ability to live with people in similar circumstances and addictions. In the real world, addicted individuals go through a host of emotions ranging from outright rejection to negative reactions which is not present in a rehab facility. They are accepted for what they are and the understanding staff acknowledges that addictions are a reaction to a situation. The peer comradeship that develops in an in-patient addiction treatment facility helps individuals address their personal and addiction issues.

The in-patient addiction treatment program doubles up as a testing area to get a feel of life without drugs in the real world. Starting with detoxification and then a combination of therapies and treatment plan that include cognitive behavior, individual and group therapies, with a nutritive and balanced diet and workouts ensuring that the addicted individual on the path of recovery feels better. With a well trained and qualified staff at the in-patient addiction treatment plays an important role in rebuilding the self confidence and esteem of the individual undergoing rehab. Being in a rehab is probably the first time for many people to be without abusing drugs or alcohol. The staff at the in-patient addiction treatment has the experience to deal with a variety of addictions and the knowledge can help them in a fragile state.

We know that the task to select a successful rehab facility is cumbersome and difficult due to the multitude of available facilities. At Rehab Advisor, online alcohol and drug rehab referral service, we have done extensive research on the available in-patient addiction treatment rehab facilities to help you select the best one.

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