Getting Treatment, the right way.

How important is the support offered by family members and friends in addiction treatment? It is extremely important. Often, it is this support that provides the recovering addict with the courage and strength needed to accept treatment.

Family members and friends can play a crucial part in the treatment process in many ways. For example, he one recovering may have temporarily lost driving privileges. The willingness of a family member or friend to provide the necessary transportation so that the person can get to where he or she needs to go to participate in the program that has been chosen will be one less concern that that person has to deal with.

Providing a one who is recovering with a place to live, especially if he or she has been “on the streets” is another means of support. While care should be taken to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved – both the person recovering from the addiction and those with whom the person will be living – providing a “safe haven” may actually play a large part in the person succeeding in overcoming the addiction.

Basic health needs may have been neglected through the apathy or unconcern that drug addiction can cause. Family members or friends can make sure that the person who is recovering from an addiction is physically capable of starting or continuing with addiction treatment. This can be as simple as providing regular, nourishing meals, or, if necessary, arranging for any health care that may be needed.

If finances are a concern, there are free clinics and facilities for indigent care that can be taken advantage of. Programs such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous or those sponsored by United Way can provide information on these places.

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