Faith Based Addiction Treatment

How do faith-based rehab programs differ from others?

For the addicted individual who is looking for a spiritually based addiction treatment and recovery program, faith-based addiction treatment programs cater to their specific spiritual needs and allow them to start exploring their faith again while growing stronger in it. Additionally, the recovery process is complimented with biblical scriptures and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Counselors from all faiths such as Buddhists, Christians, and other spiritual beliefs typically participate in faith-based programs.

Many of the addiction treatment and recovery facilities throughout the US today offer some type of faith-based addiction treatment programs. Therefore, it has become somewhat challenging for the addicted individual to choose the most effective facility and program that best addresses their spiritual needs. Many individuals enter these faith-based rehab programs at the more innovative, alternative addiction treatment and recovery facilities because the traditional ones rarely offer faith-based addiction treatment programs.

Features, benefits, and recovery tools

The primary difference between the faith-based addiction treatment programs and the traditional ones is the fact that the former offers features, benefits, and specific recovery tools that the traditional centers do not. For instance, the majority of the faith-based addiction treatment programs out there normally include:

  • Cognitive/Holistic therapies
  • Faith-Based Drug Treatment
  • Self-Help counseling and guidance

Additionally, the exploration and re-kindling of the client’s faith enables them to maintain a substance-free lifestyle once they have completed the faith-based addiction treatment program. Most of these rehab programs are comprised of 6 elements including:

  • regular weekly church services
  • ministerial or pastoral counseling
  • lectures and sermons conducted by ministers and pastors from different beliefs and faiths
  • faith-based/Christian 12-Step Program
  • candlelit prayer and reflection sessions
  • bible studies and scriptural instruction

So as you can see, there is quite a difference between the traditional programs, who still rely on the more conventional therapies, and the faith-based ones.

Finding the right treatment center can be challenging

The client has been through enough difficulty suffering with substance dependency. Admitting that there is a problem and then getting help for it are difficult steps to take. Now they have to search for and filter through dozens of addiction treatment and recovery centers in order to find a program that addresses their personal needs. Suffice it to say, this can be challenging and quite frustrating in the process. It is even more difficult for them to find the right faith-based drug and alcohol treatment program because there are now so many of them.

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