Catholic Addiction Treatment

Why choose Catholic drug addiction treatment

Finding the right addiction treatment and recovery program is oftentimes challenging and even frustrating. There are always special needs involved with every suffering individual that are unique to them and no one else. For instance, some individuals have the need addressing their spiritual needs as well as the emotional, mental, and physical ones that are usually involved in the addiction rehab process. They want to supplement their rehab process with spiritual elements.

Faith-based addiction treatment and recovery programs are available throughout the US, including Catholic Addiction Treatment rehab programs. For the individual who has lost their faith and wants to rekindle it in the Catholic doctrine, this type of rehab program is the right vehicle. For the individual who is attempting to overcome their substance dependency and totally recover from their addictions, faith-based programs have proved to be very successful.

How do Catholic drug rehab programs differ from others?

There are a number of elements in a Catholic drug rehab program that are similar to other addiction treatment and recovery programs. However, the following are offered in a Catholic rehab program and will not usually be found in standard or traditional programs:

  • 12-Step Programs that are faith-based
  • bible study sessions and related scriptural teachings
  • candlelit prayer and reflection sessions
  • lectures and sermons that are based in the Catholic faith
  • ministerial or pastoral Counseling
  • regular Catholic church services

Just remember that no two Catholic addiction treatment programs are identical. However, the above elements are very common in most of them.

The benefits of Catholic rehab

The primary benefit of this type of drug addiction treatment and recovery program is that it enhances the recovery process by supplementing it with Catholic faith perspectives so that the client never relapses and remains substance-free for life once they return to society. There are certain cognitive behavioral therapies that are utilized during the recovery phase that the client benefits from including:

  • Catholic-based drug rehabilitation therapies
  • support through 12-Step, self-Discovery, and self-inventory therapies
  • targeted and cognitive Holistic therapies

Remember that the primary goal of any addiction treatment and recovery program is to see that the client returns home to their community and continues to live a substance-free life. Additionally, Catholic drug rehab programs enable clients to return to the spiritual paths they were walking before the addiction started controlling their lives.

Our referral service can help you

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