Purity of Crack Cocaine

OK, someone has gone to all the trouble of turning powdered cocaine into a “rock” of “crack” cocaine by mixing the powder with water, heating it up, then letting it cool and harden. After that little “chemistry experiment” is done, then the same rock that was just made is smashed into powder (AGAIN!), then mixed with water (AGAIN!), then injected into a vein. Uh, why?


Oh, “crack” cocaine is purer than powdered cocaine because all the yucky stuff was cooked out. So, injecting the liquid crack means that a purer form of cocaine is being put into the body.


OK, now, everything is clear. It’s a “better” high. And, the danger of putting anything that’s really not supposed to go into the body, like baby powder, or raw flour, or even rat poison isn’t there anymore. So, it might even be safer, right?


WRONG! It’s still using crack, it’s still not safe, it’s still using drugs! NOTHING MAKES THAT RIGHT?


What, are drug users becoming so “bored” that the only thing they have to do now is think up new ways of getting the drug of choice into their systems? Well, here’s a fresh, new idea. HOW ABOUT QUITTING DRUGS ALL TOGETHER? Anyone ever think of that?


How about thinking up ways of getting rid of crack? And, if that seems like too big a task, then think smaller! How about keeping it out of the hands of school children? How about stiffer drug laws? How about cutting off supply lines, even if it is just the local dealer. Hey, it has to start somewhere.


How about a few people having the courage to step up to the plate and give their ideas on how to fight the war on drugs?