When is inpatient drug rehab a good idea?

An inpatient drug rehab center might be a good idea for someone who feels that something in his or her life may have contributed or be contributing to the drug or alcohol abuse or addiction problem being battled. The old “part of the problem or part of the solution” thing, in other words.

It is for sure that someone who checks into a drug rehab facility with the intention of staying a while (hence—inpatient) will not be exposed to any of the day to day happenings that could have led to the “need” for the “relief” that the drug or drink of choice supposedly offered. And, that fact alone might be what’s needed to “kick-start” the recovery process.

Plus, any inpatient center worth its salt is definitely going to make sure that the patients cannot get to whatever it is that they were taking. So, there’s another part of the problem eliminated. So, not having to put up with “life” for a while, and no way to get the drug makes it easier to get off the drug. Sounds like a win-win situation.

Oh, sure, “the stuff” (life, that is) is still going to be there when the stay in the center is over. By that time, however, different ways of approaching it will have been learned and implemented. Also, anything family-related that might not have been…shall we say “helping the situation” will, hopefully, have been addressed, discussed, dealt with, and pretty much taken care of by the time the patient feels he or she can join life again.