What to Expect at Drug Rehab

So you’ve decided to go or thinking about going to drug rehab. You might be wondering what to expect when you are there. You can expect some discomfort, lots of emotion, hard work, and in the end, to feel much better. Many people expect a resort or a spa, where they can just relax and then return afterwards cured. But, even at the very high end resort-type drug rehabs you can expect to do some hard work.

You will feel some discomfort while you get the drugs out of your system. Your body and your mind is telling you it wants to use drugs and fighting that feeling can be very difficult and uncomfortable.

The idea of rehab is to get to the root of the problem that causes addiction. This causes the addict to bring up painful memories, and confront trauma they’ve had in their lives. A large part of addiciton is to mask the pain that one has had over their life. The addict must get honest whith them selves and others about their use and the things the have done. The realizations that one comes to while doing the work are very painful, and it seems easier to use drugs than continue going through that pain.

As the drugs leave the system, and they continue to deal with the issues, the fog begins to clear. Once they start behaving in an esteemable fashion, then self esteem begins to grow. As self esteem begins to grow the the need for dugs becomes less and less.