Various Drug Rehab Choices

There are drug rehab centers out there that cater to crack cocaine addiction only. The thought of a specialized center got the old brain juices flowing, thus this blog.

OK, so, picture this. You’ve got this fictional place—Podunk, population 100,000. Unfortunately, of those 100,000, 30,000 are addicted to crack cocaine. So, someone comes along, and puts up a “crack drug rehab center”. Privately funded, of course.

Sounds pretty good. A center that is only for crack cocaine addicts. No alcoholics, no prescription drug abusers, no heroin users, just crack addicts.

But, (again unfortunately), over here in the western section of Podunk, there ARE some alcoholics, some prescription drug abusers, etc., etc.

The only thing available to them, however, is the publicly-funded drug rehab centers, and some politician, in his/her infinite wisdom, decided that because the crack drug rehab center served the majority of the population, the other centers had to have their budgets cut.

Hey, it could happen.

The idea of specialized drug rehab centers is not a bad one, by no means. But, when the possibility arises that other people needing help for addictions not treated in a specialized clinic do not or cannot have access to treatment, and then it can get sticky.

The same goes for the idea of creating centers that cater to certain members of the population only (example: for Hispanics only, or gays/lesbians only). The thought is good—the patients already have something in common, so they can relate to one another better—but couldn’t that be considered discriminatory?

Who’s got an opinion? Better yet, has anyone out there ever been to a specialized drug rehab center?