Long Term drug rehab options

Understanding your drug rehab options

Dealing with drug addiction and getting professional help for it can be a very intimidating if not frightening experience, especially if you are considering long-term drug rehab options or in-patient addiction treatment and recovery versus out-patient or short-term. These are the two basic types of rehab options that are available and you will need to decide which one is right for you. If the addiction is severe enough, chances are you won’t be a candidate for an out-patient program and the in-patient residential format will be the best choice.

You have two basic choices when it comes down to selecting an in-patient program. On the one hand, there are the long-term drug rehab options while on the other, you have the short-term ones. The primary difference between the two is implied in their names. Short-term programs typically last 14 to 28 while your long-term ones can last up to 4 months or longer, depending on the severity of your addiction. It will also depend on what behavioral or psychological issues might be accompanying your substance dependency.

Choosing the best facility and program

There are dozens of questions that will arise while you are trying to make your decision. This could get frustrating, but you need to research every facility you are considering. Just remember, the responsibility of answering these questions is that of the licensed staff members at each facility. Here are four questions you should definitely ask everyone that you are considering:

  • How do I know if I am a candidate for your long-term drug rehab options?
  • Has anyone who has gone through your rehab programs experienced what I have and did they succeed?
  • What can I expect to experience while I am living here?
  • Will a licensed physician be handling my case or a professional with lesser qualifications?

There may be additional questions that you come up with and will need to ask the staff members of each of the addiction treatment and recovery centers that are on your list.

The Rehab Advisor is another option

Having to search through your long-term drug rehab options is going to be tedious and may get extremely frustrating at times. No matter how thorough you are in your research, you could still run the risk of undergoing an addiction treatment and recovery program that fails you. The harsh reality is that the wrong rehab program will not guarantee your success and there is a greater risk that you may relapse back into your addiction.

Instead of risking failure, contact The Rehab Advisor and let us determine which one of our long-term drug rehab options will best address your personal needs. You can contact us by calling the toll-free phone number listed above.