Long term drug rehab options available

Long-term drug rehab and financial concerns may very well go hand in hand. It’s for sure that when the person who is in long-term rehab was the primary breadwinner, there is going to be a sharp decline in any money coming in. Thankfully, there are remedies for situations such as this.

A certain non-profit organization, for instance provides assistance to families of those who are participating in that facility’s rehab program. This help comes in the form of a food bank that families are allowed to utilize every 90 days, and a clothing bank that provides clothing every six months.

This certain organization also provides a free meal EVERY DAY at 5:15 PM. So, the family is assured of at least one hot meal.

Further, when they have the funds to do so, the organization will help with utility bills and rent. This isn’t a “given”, again it depends on whether or not the money is there.

What a comfort this must be to the rehab patient! Going through long-term drug rehab is already stressful enough, and when a patient has to worry about his or her family on top of everything else, it just makes it harder. So, when he or she learns that there is one less thing to worry about, that’s just going to make the who process a little easier.

A little reminder here (OK, to be honest, a little guilt trip here). Non-profit means just that. The organization DOESN’T get any money from any government agency or get support from a phlant…philan…oh, heck, some rich person with money to burn; it relies on donations.

So, all those out there who (but for the grace of God) are NOT in a long-term drug rehab program how about making a donation? Just get on the Internet, type in “non-profit organizations” find one that does offer drug rehab programs, and give.