Amphetamines Drug Rehab Program

An amphetamines drug rehab program will begin by removing the amphetamine drug from the body. This is most often accomplished with a detoxification process that assists the user in managing the withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms can have strong effects on appetite and sleep, they also include twitching, nausea, hypertension, headaches, and itchy skin.

A amphetamine rehab program will then work with the underlying causes of the addiction to amphetamines. The addict is typically placed through a system that will help them rebuild their lives and return to a drug-free lifestyle. In a rehab program the addict will also learn how to cope with life, relationships, and other social issues. Classes in communication, ethics, values, and learning to think sober… will assist them in overcoming the addiction and staying drug free.

If you or a loved one needs assistance or help overcoming an amphetamines addiction contact us today, we can help.