A personal drug rehabilitation story

Personal experience and testimony is by far one of the most convincing ways to prove that doing something a certain way can work. When someone does lick an addiction without participating in a drug rehab program, it definitely makes for an interesting story.


Basically, it went like this. The nightly beer had turned into three or four beers. Then, one night the nightly beer turned into a nightly mixed drink. Then three or four nightly mixed drinks. Heavier drinking occurred on weekends, unless circumstances called for a clear head.


Anyway, short story long (or is it too late?) one Friday night, the drinking started early and heavy. By about 8:00 or 9:00 PM, the drinker was thoroughly drunk and getting VERY obnoxious. Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that by later that night, some things had been said and done that would NEVER have been said or done under normal circumstances.


Saturday morning brought with it one heck of a hangover and one very contrite FORMER drinker. Apologies were given and continued to be given during the rest of the weekend, and all alcoholic beverages were poured down the sink.


A pledge was taken (literally), some lifestyle changes were made, (sporadic church attendance has turned into more regular church attendance, and ALL alcoholic beverages have been removed from the home), and it has been six weeks since the former drinker has had anything alcoholic to drink.


All done with no drug rehab program. BUT, again, while it worked for this person, another person may need the services offered by such a program. And, again, that’s fine.