Who is Affected by Drug Addiction

When it comes to addiction, you might feel that you are the only one that is affected by the way you deal with drugs and the way that drugs have a handle over you.

When a person who has a drug addiction is married or in a relationship, it is important that you realize that the person who has a drug addiction is acting upon their partner in a very negative way.

They might be unresponsive, and they might fail in the things that they have always done in the relationships. It might be that a person who has a drug addiction is harsh with the people that they love, and it might be that they don’t know how to relate with the person they are in a relationship with because the person that they are in a relationship with is not part of the drug or alcohol addiction and is therefore not as important.

It is true that when a person is addicted to a certain drug, they are going to be very selfish and they are going to have many things that they don’t take care of because they are busy dealing with their own drug addiction. A person will forget about everything in order to get the drug that they are addicted to, and sometimes, most times, this takes a toll on the people that they are closest to.

Often times, when a person has an addiction, their other family members are going to suffer as well. If the person who has an addiction is a child, their parents are going to feel as though they could have done something differently, or that t hey failed in some way by not stopping their child from getting addicted to a certain drug, alcohol, or substance.

They are going to feel like they have lost their child, and that they have not raised the child in the way they would have wished. If the person who has a drug addiction has children, those children are going to have lots of problems. Often they are abused and neglected because of their parent’s search for the drugs that they are addicted to.

In many cases, the children end up feeling like they have done something wrong because they weren’t able to be as important to their parents as the drug that their parents are addicted to. In many of these cases, it takes children a long time to heal after their parents have gotten help for their drug addiction.

Even when a person does not have a spouse, parent or child to be concerned with, there is still going to be a negative impact on that person’s friends. They will feel left out, and they will feel that their friend has been pushing them aside in favor of the drugs. They will also feel that the person with a drug addiction has become a different person and they will often not be aware of who that person really is.

Friends, family and others aside, drug addiction also takes a toll on society as a whole. A person with a drug addiction is going to stop showing up for work, which is going to hurt the place that they work and the other people that work there. They are going to be more likely to need government assistance, which is going to hurt taxpayers and government officials. Also, they are going to be a detriment to society as a whole because they are just not functioning members of the place in which they live. Anyone who is not a functioning member of society hurts society. Drug addiction hurts everyone.