Meth Addiction – What is it?

“Meth mouth” is a term used to describe the teeth and mouth of someone who has a meth addiction. This in itself is weird. One does not hear of someone with “cocaine mouth” or “marijuana mouth”.

People who use meth almost always do so by smoking it. This causes the chemicals used to go straight into the mouth, onto the teeth and gums. The individual chemicals are strong enough to eat away anything, teeth included. When mixed together, they become even worse.

“Meth mouth” is one of the more telling signs that someone is addicted to meth. Bad teeth, poor gum health, mouth sores, and other dental p roblems may not always indicate meth use, but taken together along with other signs, it’s pretty much like flashing a sign above a person’s head that says—Meth user.

Dentists are reporting more patients showing up with problems caused by “meth mouth”. These doctors also say that these problems are harder to treat. Some report teeth rotted completely down to the gum line from meth use, and if that isn’t enough, the gums aren’t in great shape, either.

OK, so don’t smoke meth, and no meth mouth, right? Wrong. Snorting meth causes the same problems. Just because the stuff goes in the nose doesn’t mean it passes the mouth all together. It doesn’t.

Meth addiction is one of the hardest addictions to treat, physically, psychologically, and any other way. “Meth mouth” is one of the hardest dental problems to treat. Does it need to be said again? DON’T DO METH! DON’T DO DRUGS!