Is Your Kid Using Marijuana?

You May be wondering, or you may be suspicious that your son or daughter is smoking marijuana. Take a close look at your child’s lifestyle, music, friends and overall behavior. If they are addicted to marijuana and regular users the signs will be present. At first, marijuana smokers will go to great lengths to hide their use, but after prolonged use the signs become more apparent and the user will become sloppier. Prolonged marijuana use will lead to an addiction and may require the services of a drug rehab to treat it.

Signs to look for in someone using marijuana:

  • Laziness or Lethargy – Oftentimes marijuana users will spend long periods of time “spacing out” in fromt of the tv or video games. They will shirk duties and chores such as housework, school or work.
  • Change in Appearance – personal appearance and hygiene become less important. You may notice your child growing their hair long or not shaving. Clothing is worn sloppily, or torn.
  • The Smell – look out for a certain odors on the person or around them that sometimes smells like skunk, pine needles, or roasted peanuts.
  • Binge Eating – One of the side effects of smoking pot is something users call “The Munchies” where they will eat large amounts of snacks or junkfood in one sitting.
  • Pariphernalia – Look for pipes made of glass or metal. Rolling papers are a sure sign someone may be smoking marijuana. There also may be items used for scraping the resin from pipes that are covered in a black, sticky, tar.
  • Music and Media – Is your child listening to music or watching movies and tv that glorify marijuana use?

Of course, it may sometimes be difficult to tell if someone is smoking pot, or if they are just being adolescents. But if you are noticing all, or many of these signs then your child may be addicted to marijuana. Seek the council of a drug rehab center immediately.