Cocaine Article published in New Mexico

New Mexico has allowed web access to an article about drug use in that state. And, guess what? They didn’t sugar coat it.

This information may be available from other states, also; however, a search for cocaine is what brought this particular article to light. INFORMATION on cocaine, that is, NOT the drug! Get real.

They quoted statistics, they came right out and said exactly what cities had the most drug use, and what drugs were being abused the most. One of them was cocaine.

And, they didn’t stop there. They went on to say how the drug was getting into the state and what route they thought was the major supply line.

They can say (with some pride, probably) that it does appear that powder and crack cocaine abuse has decreased, but that it is still a problem, especially among adolescents and adult males. That’s being pretty specific.

It seems pretty courageous for a state like New Mexico to make it to where anyone who wishes can pull up an article like this one. Especially when it doesn’t pull any punches, and is written in plain English. No legal jargon or “techno” speak, just pure facts and statistics that are easy to read and interpret.

It might just be the thing that is needed. Instead of looking the other way and pretending that a problem doesn’t exist, or that if it does, then it isn’t all that bad, maybe more states should have the guts to say, “Yeah, we’ve got a drug problem. It’s unfortunate, but it’s here. And, this is what it is, and this is how the drugs get here.”

But, states should not stop there. They should take that knowledge and use it to their advantage to address and fight the problem.