‘Cheese’ Heroin Addiction

Drug rehabs for marijuana. Drug rehabs for cocaine. Drug rehabs for alcohol. Drug rehabs for cheese.Wait a minute. Cheese? The yellow stuff that comes in blocks, slices, or shredded? That we put on tacos, hamburgers, in sandwiches?

Unfortunately, no. This “cheese” is a mixture of raw black tar heroin (a form of heroin that comes from Mexico, so named because of its color and appearance; “raw” means it’s the pure stuff) and any over-the-counter cold remedy that contains aceta…aseta…oh, heck, Tylenol and Benadry

Water is added to the heroin, which is then combined with the crushed cold tablets. The mixture is cooked to remove the water; what’s left is called “cheese.” From there, up the nose it goes.

It is reported that Hispanics are more likely to use this form of heroin than anyone else. Wonder why that is? The link to Mexico, perhaps? The addiction to this form of heroin, however, is thought to be as much psychological and sociological as it is physical. In other words, it may be mental as much as physical, and the mere fact that Hispanics appear to be the primary users brings a cultural aspect into the picture.

If that is indeed the case, now might be a very good time for drug rehabs to really reach out to the Hispanic population, and get this thing nipped in the bud before it gets any worse. There are enough drugs out there as it is. There is certainly no need for another one to be thrown in with them.

Organizations that primarily offer assistance to the Hispanic population in a city, region, or wherever, may want to educate themselves on this problem, and start focusing on getting the information out there, and the sooner the better.

Anyone else heard of this? If so, can some more light be shed on this subject?