Does Addiction Counseling Prevent Chronic Relapse?

In a word, no. Only you can prevent chronic relapse. Every form of addiction counseling is not helpful unless you are mindful of relapse prevention techniques. Even if you have the very best addiction counselor, he/she is unable to prevent your relapse into using drugs and/or alcohol to excess. There is no “magic cure” for addiction; you either make the decision to eliminate substance abuse from your life, or you don’t. Chronic relapse is a choice, made only by you. Your addiction counselor can’t make this choice for you. It’s entirely on you.

The good news is that relapse prevention skills will be a major focus of your drug rehab services. You are not alone. Every recovering addict faces the problem of relapse prevention; relapse is a common part of recovery from substance dependence. In addiction counseling, you will learn the skills necessary to avoid chronic relapse, such as identifying your drug and/or alcohol “triggers” and how to successfully cope with them. You will know how to respond to these triggers and avoid relapsing into drug and/or alcohol use.

Addiction counseling for chronic relapses is an essential part of your drug rehabilitation program. Relapse is, unfortunately, a difficult part of your recovery from alcohol/drug dependence. This is true for all addicts, not just for you. Keep in mind, however, that although chronic relapse is a challenge for all recovering addicts, it does not condone your return to abusing alcohol and/or drugs. With the skills you learn in addiction counseling, chronic relapses can be prevented. Either you get it, or you don’t. The choice is yours.

During your drug rehabilitation treatment for addiction, your addiction counselor will assist you in learning the personal skills necessary to prevent chronic relapse. Whether you put these skills into action in your life is entirely up to you. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you had enough days in jail and/or divorce court? Would you like to keep your job? If so, then addiction counseling for chronic relapse is for you. Only you can say when you’ve had enough of negative consequences for alcohol and/or drug abuse. When you are ready, and are willing to stop denying that you have a substance abuse problem, addiction counselors are there for you.

It is very likely that your addiction counselor has been where you are now. Negative consequences, divorce, jail – your counselor has most likely been there and done that. How encouraging would it be for you to have an addiction counselor who can say, “Yes, I understand. I’ve been there too?” Since chronic relapses are a component of addiction recovery, who is better to help you than an addiction counselor who has been exactly where you are; scared of chronic relapse just like you?

To avoid chronic relapses, you will need the services of an expert addiction counselor who can assist you with relapse prevention skills. You can do this! It is never too late for you to begin a life that is substance-free.