What is Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcoholism statistics

As of the beginning of 2011, there were roughly 18 million alcoholics in the US. Somewhere around ½ of them need the immediate professional help of an alcohol addiction treatment and recovery program. The harsh reality is that only about 8% to 10% of those 18 million alcoholics will get the professional help they need. The following are a few more of the more significant alcoholism statistics:

  • Alcoholism costs the US about $230 billion dollars in 2010 – more than the costs associated with cancer (nearly $200 billion) and obesity (about $135 billion).
  • 43% of all American adults have had a spouse, a parent, a sibling, or a child that at one time was an alcoholic or currently is.
  • Roughly 1 child out of every 4 in the US is exposed – before they turn 18 – to family alcohol abuse, alcohol dependency, or drug addiction.

As a result of the above, there are now hundreds of alcohol and drug addiction rehab centers in the US while alcohol and drug addiction are more prevalent in American society than they have ever been.

About alcohol rehab

What is alcohol rehabilitation? Any process, be it medical or psychiatric in nature, which enables an alcoholic to overcome the physical and psychological dependency so that they can remain clean and sober for the rest of their lives is known as alcohol rehabilitation or rehab for short. Alcoholism is a treatable disease and is characterized the following four main features:

  • cravings
  • loss of control
  • physical and psychological dependence
  • tolerance build-up

There are typically three stages to an alcohol addiction treatment and recovery program including detox and withdrawal, group and individual counseling, and aftercare which is the support phase of the process. Each one of those stages has been designed and developed to treat each component of addiction, whether it is physiological or psychological. There are even implications of a financial, legal, or social nature that are indirectly addressed when you are undergoing an alcohol rehab program.

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