Types of Addictions

What is addiction?

In the most generic of definitions, addiction is defined as “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice, or to something that is physically or psychologically habit-forming (alcohol or drugs) to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma” or withdrawal (Dictionary.com). Although most people think about alcohol or drugs whenever you mention the word addiction, there are a number of other types of addiction to be aware of which will be discussed below.

About the addiction process

The precise symptoms or warning signs of addiction typically arise and manifest themselves as the process of addiction progresses from one stage to the next. To clarify what an addiction is, you have to be aware of the two elements that all of them have in common which are:

  • addictive behavior is always counter-productive and maladaptive to the individual suffering with the addiction
  • addictive behavior is persistent meaning that there is more frequent engagement in the action

Although there may be some damaged involved, addiction is not the occasional weekend of self-indulging in a particular activity or product.

Different types of addictions

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, most individuals only think of alcohol or drugs when the types of addictions are being discussed. However, the compulsive and uncontrollable habit of using alcohol or drugs (known as substance addiction) is not the only type of addiction that rehab centers deal with today. For instance, there are addictions to substances which include:

  • alcohol
  • caffeine (also classified as a stimulant)
  • drugs – hypnotics and sedatives (barbiturates and benzodiazepines), opiate-based or opioid analgesics (painkillers), and stimulants (amphetamine, cocaine, and methamphetamine
  • nicotine or tobacco
  • steroids

And there are behavioral addictions including:

  • exercise
  • food
  • computer
  • gambling
  • the internet
  • online gaming
  • physically exposing oneself
  • pornography
  • sex addiction (activities with your partner or prostitutes and/or strangers)
  • shopping
  • video games
  • voyeurism
  • work

So if you still enjoy it, does that mean it is an addiction? In some cases, yes. Despite the fact that functioning addicts can enjoy themselves while holding their lives together at the same time, they can still be addicted.

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